How to Drive Traffic to your WordPress Site through Social Media

Drive Traffic on Social media

Social media is considered as a popular and effective way for online businesses to interact with their target audiences. It just needs a post or a tweet to engage with them. Around 92% of online businesses consider that social media is important for the engagement and visibility of the business. Social media helps in creating awareness for your brand and building a community. With the rising number of users in different social media platforms, this is the fastest way to connect with all of your audience.

Drive Traffic on Social mediaThe first way of utilizing different social media platforms for your site is by building and creating traffic going to your website. In this article, we will show you five tips for directing traffic to your site through social media.

1. Showing Site URL

Various social media platforms are public sites that can be seen by anyone, and it has space where you can share your WordPress site. Ensure that your URL or your web address is visible in the about section of the platform. It will help your visitors to go directly to your site after seeing the link. And lastly, it can give a credible image to your ongoing online store.

2. Using Visual Content

Most online users like looking at different visual content such as images, GIFs, videos, etc. You should start incorporating visual elements into your contents in your site and your social media page. Usually, users are tired of reading lengthy text posts, so you should make contents that are engaging or fascinate them. All social media platforms nowadays are permitting users to include different visuals in every post, so you should grab this opportunity in helping your business grow.

3. Sharing your Content

Sharing posts on different social media sites is very easy. It can generally give you more reach to people, and it can gain views and clicks when you share your content. When sharing your content, make a plan on what content you should share along with when you are sharing it and on what social media site you will be using. This social media plan can help you in giving an equal exposure of your contents on different platforms. Also, it can help you in avoiding to share too much content which can annoy your audience.

4. Creating your Ad

Most traffic campaign ads are popping in people’s news feeds instead of seeing it in a particular ad space. You can consider this technique in creating ads for your site. Focus on what elements would your audience click an ad. Make different contents and messages that do not look like an ad; this will encourage people to click on these ads.

You should also consider creating traffic for your site. It is important for your site and a good investment for marketing purposes. After getting traffic, you can easily target higher conversion rates to your advantage. You can use Facebook because it is an easy platform to build sales.

5. Researching your Competitors

In creating a good marketing strategy, you should look at your competitor’s marketing strategies, and you can incorporate into your plans. HubSpot is a handy tool in creating a competitive research analysis. It can give you different information such as social media fans, marketing grade, traffic rank, different domains, etc.

You can still do your research, even if you don’t have HubSpot, by observing their social media accounts. You can get data about their posting times and days, using social media channels, most engaging social media platform, interaction rate with audiences, and types of content made and produced by your competitors. Stalking skills are important in these kinds of research because it can give you different insights for your social media marketing strategy to drive higher traffic and engagement to your WordPress site and social media pages.

Final Thoughts

Marketing on social media can give a significant boost to the people you reach, but like all marketing efforts, you need to allow time and effort to market your brand effectively. Some brands work on their social media marketing and forgo their SEO strategy; it’s not an either-or choice between the two. For best results, you can work on both strategies so you can reap all their benefits.