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At present, online marketing is the vital success of a business if you do accurately. Every business owners must study their business and approach in right way to reach the targeted audience. There are lots online marketing methods out there, but Email Marketing is a most fundamental technique to follow and reach your audience. Today, we are going to review the most important online marketing method using Email services, which has been offered by SendPulse. They do provide free email services 2,500 users email subscribers. It can be basically implemented with free of cost.

SendPulse Email Marketing Plugin

This plugin is offering 15,000 e-mails for free each month to deliver your business news. It has come with plenty of customization options to display on your website pages. Even you can design your own professional-looking e-mail templates using drag and drop email editor and send news to your audience.

SendPulse Email Marketing

Additionally, you can find 100+ ready-made free responsive e-mail templates to use for different industries. Some of the categories like a holiday of Christmas, New Year, Vintage, healthcare industry, e-commerce, travel, restaurant, education and etc.

Email Newsletter Template

Create Email Newsletter Form for Signup

Email Newsletter Form for SignupCapturing online business leads aren’t simple, but it can be easily done with email newsletter form of SendPulse. It will help you to create your own unique subscription form as per your website design such as colors, button styles, web font and box layouts. Once the visitor’s email subscribed to your form, it will automatically be added to the mailing list where you will be able to send weekly or monthly news about your business updates, offers or new deals.

Supported CMS & Custom Integration

Popular IntegrationsSendPulse is also supported to integrate on popular Content Management System (CMS), such as online e-commerce store using WooCommerce websites, CRM system, WordPress, Drupal, Zapier, Justuno, Facebook Ads Leads, Gmail Leads Bridge, Convertful, Typeform, CreateForm and more than 500+ online services. Even developers can use their API from their own project. All details can be easily tracked using their live reports from the account dashboard.

Mobile Apps for iOS & Android

Mobile AppsSendPulse is also available through Mobile app to maintain the email campaign. You can without hassle create a new campaign, edit and view the reports from smartphone app devices. Additionally, you can add new subscribers straight away to your mail list, send newsletters and evaluate the results of email campaigns.

A/B Testing

Email Split TestingA/B Testing (Split-testing) is a great method to evaluate the email campaigns to work out for your business. SendPulse has features to test your email campaign with different versions of subscription forms. It will help you to decide the most efficient form for your mailings and track subscriber behavior by comparing different versions of the same mailing. You will be provided with all set up for split testing form. The result will be auto-tested and emailed to you based on the successful ratings.

Email Planner / Scheduler

Planning your email news/offers/deals/events/greetings in advanced will take you into next level of business and it will increase ROI. SendPulse will provide you the advanced email planner with lots of great features that will allow you to setup your new email campaign for upcoming events, holidays or any business promotion news. Merely you can set up with a specific date & time to deliver the emails, the email planner will work for you.

Email Campaign Reports

Email Campaign ReportsYou will be provided with a complete history of email campaign reports, which will help you to improve your next targeting subscribers or marketing methods. You can find the following results

  1. Open rate & click rate
  2. Click chart
  3. Geographic stats
  4. Statistics by device
  5. Error statistics
  6. Integration with Google Analytics (Using external systems via the UTM-tags)

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Using SendPulse’s Free Web Push Notification

SendPulse is also providing a free web push notifications that allow instant notifications to your subscribers about news, sales, order status, or other important events, which helps your visitors to come back to your website. The customers receive notifications on their own devices. It works on all modern browsers like Google Chrome (PCs (Windows, OS X, Linux) and mobile devices) & Mozilla Firefox (PCs (Windows, OS X, Linux)) and smartphone devices.
SendPulse - Free Web Push Notifications
Some of Features Included:
  • High level of subscriptions
  • Highly effective
  • Offline notifications
  • Personalization and segmentation
  • Trigger messages and bulk messages
  • Developer API

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