Why Drupal Commerce is a Great E-commerce Solution for your Business?

drupal commerce

Large eCommerce sites are always in demand for scalable yet flexible business platforms. An eCommerce platform needs to enable companies to run an optimized website that can handle high-security requirements, 3rd party integration, time-to-market standards, and low development costs.

A powerful content management system is at the heart of all E-commerce sites, and therefore choosing the right platform is extremely important. A Content Management System is a computer application that allows us to make changes to the website of E-commerce and publish the necessary changes. Because the CMS allows content to be organized and modified, it is the core of your e-commerce business in every respect.

It should come as no surprise, in view of this, that many leading eCommerce businesses trust Drupal Commerce as their preferred e-commerce solution. It’s thriving open-source developer community is always at work, enhancing and innovating the limits of what the framework can do. Currently, Drupal-built sites are known for their security and seamless payment gateway solutions.

Why Drupal Commerce is preferred as an E-commerce Solution?

Drupal Commerce is based on CMS company. Unlike Magento, OpenCart, KonaKart and many other off-shelf eCommerce solutions primarily focused on product management, Drupal commerce are best for both product and content management.

It helps to integrate digital content like blogs, videos, and editorial content into the purchase path without requiring separate research and the checkout experience. By providing better user experience and improved traffic, you can improve your online and offline sales.

But every now and then your business needs may change. However, you don’t need to worry because Drupal commerce is modular and flexible enough to fit your changing business needs. Not only that, without any expert guidance, even a non-technical person can execute changes and try out new ideas.

1. Security

Drupal sites are considered one of the most secure websites–even Drupal is implemented to built Whitehouse.org. It’s not that Drupal sites are never attacked, but the community is jumping in and patching the issues immediately, even before any damage is done. Since eCommerce sites are hackers ‘ most targeted websites, the best you can do is build your online store on Drupal for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Regular security updates and bug fixes on your Drupal site can be easily updated without a lot of effort.

Other than this, you can access different e-commerce website security modules.

2. Integrated CMS and Marketing Platform

Drupal Commerce allows you to build and promote an awesome store. It’s all about building the right brand with the right tools. Drupal is a fantastic content management system that not only helps you build the perfect site, but also offers amazing tools for efficient marketing. With the help of Drupal Commerce, content marketing, cross-promotion, social media promotions, upselling, etc. can be easily achieved . It is the complete development and marketing package necessary for the success of your eCommerce.

3. Maintenance Costs

Unlike the communities of Magento and WordPress, the concept of premium plugins or modules you have to pay for does not exist in Drupal, as a whole community is very good at supporting these modules with patches and enhancements, so there are no hidden charges when you want to expand your Drupal Commerce shop with a new feature.

4. Easy to Customize

It’s infinite in Drupal when it comes to customization. Including product display, shopping cart block, form, checkout pages, form components, and even administrative interfaces, you can easily customize anything from frontend to back-end.

The Drupal Commerce module’s core features make it possible to run a basic e-commerce website quickly. The module covers various features such as -add and display products, order management, payment method setting while supporting various tax and VAT calculations as well.

5. Multiple Language support

This is the marketing opportunity that no business in e-commerce should miss. Tapping the various demographics and a varied audience not only improves the reach of your market but also your bottom line.

No matter how popular your business is, the essence of familiarity that native language brings can beat nothing. That’s exactly how important it is to personalize.

6. Mobile Responsiveness

Above 50% of your consumers are online via their mobile devices. Therefore, if you neglect such potential customers by having a non-responsive site, you may also consider losing half of your sales. Our developers of open source eCommerce develop sites that are ready for mobile use and help to effectively target your audience.

7. Speed

It is important to take into account the speed of your website for any online business. A slow downloading website can be detrimental and can even thwart your efforts and investments by 7 percent for your e-commerce website.

Because there are loads of graphics and videos on e-commerce websites. Enabling image compression, CSS and JS aggregation and fundamental theme optimization can help a lot in load time improvement.

8. SEO Friendly

Your search engine ranking depends on many things, ranging from meta tags to site theme. But one of the first steps you should take when starting your Drupal site is to integrate a collection of SEO modules that can assist with a higher ranking.

In many cases, you won’t even need to touch your website’s customer-facing part. You can optimize your search engine results with a few tweaks and back-end administration, boost traffic to your website, and massively increase your conversion.


Drupal Commerce offers companies of all sizes the opportunity to participate in the eCommerce market. There is an intuitive and well-supported framework for companies seeking to improve their game, place themselves above the competition, and drive rapid growth.

The substantial development of the ‘ e-commerce ‘ concept has kept on their toes of online brands. And this is where Drupal provides your e-commerce platform with its unmatched services.

About The Author:

Jeevan Kumar is a technology enthusiast and a strong believer in agile product development. He is a Senior Content Strategist of Fortunesoft IT Innovations a leading Drupal development company. A Computer Engineer by education and a technology adherent by passion. His interest in computers & the internet has made him a self-proclaimed geek.