35 Marketing Tools for Magento E-Commerce

Marketing Tools for Magento E-Commerce

With the full spectrum of tools for every marketing requirement, take your Magento store into an arena of customer satisfaction and business exuberance. With the starter pricing options covering all needs of a startup to enterprise options meeting all requirements of a store that has acquired momentum, Magento has what it takes to make e-commerce perform to potential.

1. Dotdigital

Dotdigital Engagement Cloud works with both Magento 1 and 2. The tool works over the following marketing activities for your Magento e-commerce store.

  • Acquisition: Subscribers are brought in with the use of popups and are then segmented according to their behavior in the past and in the present
  • Remarketing: When customers abandon carts, they are targeted with a customized message that keeps them connected to the purchase process
  • Conversion: Automated messaging to customers at moments that lead to conversion

Dotdigital’s EasyEditor delivers the capability to design emails for your marketing efforts. The tool uses AI to arrive at content that is relevant for each customer. With emails that are visually pleasing, customers will feel more engaged with the content.

2. M2EPro

M2EPro is a multi-channel solution provider that works with Magento 1 and Magento 2, Walmart, eBay and Amazon. The features that are available with M2EPro include

  • Inventory Control
  • Task Automation
  • Order Management
  • Unlimited Stores and Accounts

While eBay and Amazon are integrated with your Magento system, all your data is stored on Magento.

3. Nosto

Nosto is all about personalization of the shopping experience for your e-commerce store customers. Working with both Magento 1 and 2, Nosto deploys AI to analyze every action that your store’s visitors undertake and then deduces and implements accurate responses in real time. This makes for ‘powerful personalization’ that brings your customers into a newer shopping experience. You can customize the algorithm to suit your exact needs.

4. Temando

Temando is a tool that meets your shipping and fulfillment requirements. With Temando, you can link with all the big shipping companies and can recieve quotes from them. Competitive shipping rates from the top businesses will inspire your customers to complete their purchase and you can rest assured that they will be satisfied by the quality of the service coming as it is from established players in the sector. Fulfillment can be automated by setting rules that are based on conditions. You can set the conditions to reflect the service levels of the carriers and the location of your customers. With the application of advanced packing rules, you can ensure that billing is always accurate and there is no loss on that account.

5. Kahuna

Kahuna works in two directions: buyers and sellers. With Kahuna, a buyer in your e-commerce store can become a seller while the opposite which is a seller on your store turning into a buyer is also possible. This is the first such tool in the industry according to Kahuna. As a result, you can manage your user base no matter what activity they are undertaking at a given moment in your e-commerce store. With buyers, Kahuna delivers the onboarding experience in a personalized context to each buyer while also focusing on the reduction of churn and driving buyers to become repeat customers. With sellers, Kahuna works towards increasing the value of the products that come and go out of your store. Its Marketplace Health product gives you all the data that you need such as the ratio between buyers and sellers, and the network leakage that is occurring. Together with each data point, a corresponding recommendation towards improving the metric is also provided.

6. Talkable

Talkable provides all the features that are required to deploy a refer-a-friend campaign on your e-commerce store. Referrals are an important Marketing Channel and can contribute to quick expansion of your customer base. Talkable delivers the ability to carry out A/B Testing over the text of your campaign as well as over the offers so that you can continuously refine and arrive at the best-performing campaign towards gaining continuous referrals. A/B Testing can be carried out over an unlimited number of variables with the distribution of the traffic also being controllable. Talkable comes with a real-time editor that allows you to make modifications to your campaign as and when you feel the need to do so. Multi-check verification ensures that fraudulent referrals are identified.

7. iZooto

iZooto makes it possible to send web notifications that are relevant. To begin with, iZooto helps you in developing a marketing list and then in segmenting your customers. Then, personalized campaigns are delivered with automation taking care of the drips. The iZooto Basic Plan for Magento provides you with the capability to build your marketing list and to design your notifications. Analysis of the results is also possible under the Basic Plan. With the iZooto Essential Plan for Magento, you also get Automation and along with time-sensitivity of the notification drips so that they are sent when they will be relevant to your customers. The iZooto Advanced Plan for Magento brings the capabilities of segmentation, customization of workflows and location-based targeting.

8. Prisync

Prisync helps you get your marketing efforts right on target by getting you all the information you need on the pricing of your competitors. The tool monitors and analyzes the prices being charged by your competitors and then automatically sets your pricing towards achieving maximization of your profits. The stock levels at your competitor are also kept track of and alerts are mailed to you whenever stocks as well as their prices change. The level of analysis can be carried out at that of a brand or a category. You also get to analyze the historic pricing trends so that you have extra insight from the results achieved in the past in terms of pricing.

9. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is a tool that combines email marketing features with automated marketing. Transactional messaging is also enabled with email and SMS messaging. The all-in-one tool also packs in chat capabilities, CRM functionality and Retargeting. Transactional messaging in the form of emails can be sent for order confirmation ensuring that the mails are not sent to the customer’s spam folder. Marketing campaign emails can be sent to targeted customers picked up by analysis of your e-commerce store data.

10. Springbot

Springbot is an all-in-one tool that delivers email marketing, social marketing, Facebook Messenger marketing, online ads and campaign services. The ‘Springbot Exchange’ allows for sharing of customer data between e-commerce stores.

11. Bluecore

Bluecore’s Retail Performance Cloud offers personalization at scale, over a vast range of triggers such as search abandonment, product abandonment, homepage abandonment, gift reminders and wishlist triggers. Its workflows include a ‘Multi-touch cross-channel experience designer.’ ‘Audience Builder’ feature delivers predictive and custom audiences across web, social and Google Search.

Let us now look at a few tools that specialize in email marketing.

12. Emarsys

Emarsys is built with an AI engine and develops insights on customers that are all about the creation of highly personalized campaigns. To do so, Emarsys combines data from the customer’s web browsing, online and offline purchases and CRM data. Marketing Automation is carried out with the implementation of multi-step programs that work across different channels. You can design and customize these programs. The personalization of content is also made possible over a similarly large number of options. Specific services include

  • Onboarding & Enablement
  • Technical Support & Training
  • Strategic Marketing Guidance and
  • On-Demand Production

13. Listrak

Listrak is also built around AI and applies predictive analytics in the creation of accurate communications. Its products include ‘Browse & Abandon’ which retargets visitors who are identified as active by their behavior. Remarketing is implemented with its ‘Back in Stock’ alert that retrieves the out-of-stock scenario through email communication. Listrak has a Lightbox solution that can be set to appear only before customers who have not yet subscribed and also at predetermined intervals. Listrak also delivers a ‘Customer Lifecycle Grid’ that serves to raise lifetime value of customers. Listrak services include

  • Retail email marketing
  • Mobile engagement
  • Social marketing
  • Web marketing
  • In-store integration

14. SwiftERM

SwiftERM use Predictive Analytics to identify products that each individual consumer has the highest level of interest in, identified by that individual’s impressions and buying history, and are able to nurture additional sales by presenting that person with those items at exactly the right time. This is delivered as a totally automated email at exactly the right time. The company describes itself as an ‘additional service’ to email marketing software.

15. Yieldify

Yieldify delivers a conversion platform that is built on its ‘Email experiences’ which are about a personal and valuable interaction for customers. Yieldify works with your website data and analyses it towards better understanding your customers. This leads to smarter remarketing via email.

16. Fresh Relevance

Fresh Relevance also offers communications that are all about conversion. The company says it can deliver predictable ROI through its personalization across the, web, mobile, email and social media. Fresh Relevance delivers both customization and automation of personalization programs and offers web content, email content and real-time profiling tools.

17. Klaviyo

Klaviyo delivers personalization by ‘listening for cues,’ which it says enables the delivery of 67x increase in ROI. Klaviyo is free for up to 250 contacts and 500 emails. Its ‘Listening’ capabilities are developed by its integrations that look at data around shopping patterns and also by ensuring that all data is up-to-date.


18. Mageworx

Mageworx offers SEO Suite Ultimate extension for Magento 1 which has 20 templates that deliver metadata optimization. Rich Snippets are served out in Search Results and Social Media. Its Advanced Product Options extension for Magento 1 enables you to customize product variant templates, with the option to set conditions for the display of the product variants. The product options can also be customized to upload multiple images. Pricing strategies can also be set towards differential pricing for product variations. SEO Suite Ultimate for Magento 2 comes at $299 while that for Magento 1 comes at $249. The Magento 2 version delivers the capability to optimize site URLs and metadata, improve store crawling by Search Engines and the automatic cross-linking of all site pages.

19. Klevu Oy

Klevu Oy delivers SEO with natural language processing capabilities as well as Semantic Search. The Finnish company’s AI-based SEO solution keeps continuously learning from what customers search for. It has plans at $199 per month, $499 per month and $799 per month.

Moving over into marketing implementation via Reviews and Recommendations

20. Power Reviews Inc

Power Reviews Inc. delivers a wide range of features such as

  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Visual & Social
  • Questions & Answers
  • Influencer & sampling
  • Intelligence
  • Customer Experience

Power Reviews says it can take review volume up by as much as 450 percent with its capability to gather reviews across devices and social channels. Customers who have bought multiple products can review each of them in a single review form. The Reviews feature from Power Reviews offers customized displays with load times that are 2.5x faster than normal. Advanced Analytics is also offered towards delivering better results across marketing, products and customer service.

21. Yotpo

Yotpo brings in more relevant content from your customers in the form of reviews etc. by sending the personalized review requests that engender engaged responses. Yotpo uses AI-powered widgets to display the reviews at locations within your site where they have the highest impact. The display options are customizable as well. Yotpo also works with you to create social marketing content that organically flows into and amongst newsfeeds. Yotpo also creates loyalty and referral programs that are synchronized to your brand ethos and which are also presented at the most relevant points of the customer’s movement across your e-commerce store. Yotpo is integrated with Magento 2.

22. TurnTo Networks

TurnTo Networks has four applications that are designed to acquire relevant content from customers. They are

  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Community Q&A
  • Visual Reviews and
  • Checkout Comments

TurnTo’s Reviews solution is based on personalized requests that ‘ask about the right products at the right time.’ The TurnTo API can be integrated into mobile apps and social media. The tool uses language filtering to ensure faster moderation and publication. Performance analytics is built in while the UI can be developed from scratch or edited as required. Community Q&A is delivered with TurnTo’s invention, Active Outreach. The model routes questions to customers who own the product that the customer is seeking more information on. Advocates of products are selected to answer questions in real time. The Article library is synchronized via the API so that real-time search brings up a high number of answers. Its Visual Reviews tool comes with gallery widgets that are designed for different contexts and app screens. Checkout Comments ensure reviews that are short, quick and plentiful. All the customer-generated content is indexed for SEO.

23. Pixlee

Pixlee is a User-generated content platform that assures +2x conversion rate and +6 percent average order value. The focus is on photos and videos with ‘Shoppable Instagram’ turning the social media site into an extension of your store with both your posts and those of your customers. You can automate the publishing of your posts and also use the photos posted by your customers on Instagram in your store. The product and category pages in your store can be bolstered with photos provided by your customers. The results generated by photos that are submitted by customers are tracked and analyzed so that you get accurate information on performance. “Photo Intelligence’ enables personalized presentation of photos to each customer. Pixlee also has ‘Social Photo Contests’ with relevant templates and the capabilities of voting and sharing.

Tools for Customer Support

24. eDesk

eDesk by Irish company xSellco is a tool that brings together all customer queries across sites, channels and devices into one view where all conversations and order histories are available in an instant. You can get an overview of all order-related data such as tickets per order. Rules for assigning tickets can be customized so that you are able to always route the tickets to the best agents. Countdown to response makes you meet all the requirements in your Service-Level Agreements. Incoming emails are automatically categorized into labels such as ‘Urgent Returns’ etc.

25. Zendesk

Zendesk is a platform that handles interactions across phone, chat, email, social media with an integrated customer support system. Live Chat & Messaging and Call Center software are a part of the platform. Zendesk is one of the most popular customer service tools used widely throughout different industries.

Tools for Loyalty and Rewards

26. OrderGroove

OrderGroove is a Subscription Commerce solution provider with its Relationship Commerce Cloud running on the OrderGroove Anticipate AI engine. You have the option to deliver a range of subscription/membership services to your customers such as product subscription or loyalty offers based on incentives. For products or services that are required in high frequency, the OrderGroove solution works on Predictive Reordering which sends a prompt to customers at exactly the right time when they would be requiring those products/services next.

27. SimiCart

SimiCart is a Vietnamese developer of native apps integrated with Magento which deliver the ability to implement simplified checkout as well as a shopping experience that is in line with what customers want. Its Progressive Web App delivers an experience similar to an app for your mobile site with 3x faster speeds. The PWA can be found through Search Engines too.

Checking out another Mobile tool,

28. Shopgate, Inc

Shopgate, Inc.’s Mobile Shopping App ‘Engage’ and ‘Relate’ Clienteling solutions deliver an omnichannel solution towards raising average order value.

Site search and navigation

29. Amasty

Amasty provides extensions for Magento 1 and Magento 2 with flexible vertical and horizontal menu options. You can customize filters, widgets and sliders to perfect product discovery for your customers. With layered navigation, your store is optimized for Search Engines. With ‘Improved Layered Navigation’ for Magento 2, your customers can search your store by brand. The tool is optimized for mobile. Other extensions that the Slovakian company provides for Magento 12are ‘Request a Quote,’ ‘Shipping Suite,’ ‘Google Page Speed Optimizer,’ ‘Free Gift,’ ‘One Step Checkout,’ and ‘Affiliate.’ ‘Improved Layered Navigation,’ for Magento 1 comes at $149 while for Magento 2, it is $349. If you go in for a bundle with two additional extensions, you get a 10 percent discount. Amasty has more than 230 extensions available.

30. Algolia

Algolia provides tools for site search and mobile search. The features include typo tolerance and synonyms management. Algolia is integrated with Google Analytics. You can gain insights into what your customers click on and the routes from Search to Purchase that they take. All content on your site is structured and indexed by Algolia’s Site Search tool.

31. WeltPixel

WeltPixel provides Magento themes and extensions. Its Magento 2 Layered Navigation AJAX Filter with Multi Select comes in a free version and a $199 Pro version. ‘Category Sort By’ extension is $99 for the Open Source Community version while the Enterprise version is $200. ‘Infinite Scroll & Ajax Catalog Pagination’ extension also comes at those prices. Other extensions include ‘Lazy Loading Enhanced,’ ‘Full Page Scroll,’ ‘Advanced Recently Viewed Products Bar,’ ‘Ajax Search Autocomplete’ and ‘Mega Menu Extension.’

32. Attraqt

Attraqt has a tool for search called ‘Fredhopper Discovery Platform’ with which you can deliver the products that your customers are searching for on the back of Machine Learning. Attraqt ensures that there are no bounces with zero results by working out the results that will be relevant to a particular search even when there are no matches. Also taking the intent that customers display during their navigation of your store, Attraqt identifies ‘Spots’ in your store and then creates content to suit those locations. It uses ‘faceted navigation’ to optimize the presentation of products after customers finish a Search. The facets are created automatically and can be customized too. The flow of the customer’s navigation is ensured in a smooth manner by delivering easy switching between product and category. The order in which customers want to navigate is guided with filters that customers can create as they navigate. Attraqt’s ‘Visual Merchandising’ solution offers the ability to develop merchandising strategies towards the presentation of products to customers. These strategies can be activated at the level of pages or at certain times.

33. Instant Search+

Instant Search+ is a tool that focuses on optimizing both what your customers are searching for and what your priorities are with regard to your merchandise. ‘Individualized Results’ and ‘Big Data Product Recommendation’ are among the features of the tool. It is Smart Navigation’ tool ensures that the look of all pages is consistent as the widget adopts the CSS. Navigation is created based on the behavior of the customer in your store through continuous Machine Learning. This dynamic navigation bar is provided both on categories and collections and can be selected to be either horizontal or vertical.

34. Pure Clarity

Pure Clarity is a personalization platform that says it can increase revenue by 26 percent. It has extensions for Magento 1 and Magento 2. Cross-selling and upselling are initiated with its presentation of banners and recommenders in a targeted fashion. With the application of AI, the tool provides the option of overriding the AI too. According to Pure Clarity, it has a proven lift in the conversion of 71.5 percent with its AI Search personalization. Among the inputs used for personalization are the customer segment and the activity of the customer in the past.

35. Celebros

Celebros says it can boost site search on your Magento store by 300 percent – 800 percent. Its tool addresses the semantic intent of customers who are searching for products with Advanced Machine Learning. It can handle Boolean functions such as queries with two product sizes, True Color search for customers searching for products with specific colors and gets the right products for customers looking for products within a price slab. ‘Intelligent Navigation’ is delivered with the capability to customers who want to search by certain attributes such as prices or ratings. With navigation and search being linked, your customers are provided a unified experience in locating the products they want. ‘Merchandising Engine’ tool delivers the capability to create landing pages quickly so that campaigns can be matched with landing pages without any effort. Merchandising banners are presented in sync with search and navigation behavior. The ‘Product Recommendation’ tool contributes to increasing the Average Order Value and comes with three options of automated, manual or hybrid. The tool selects the locations where the recommendations will appear while you also have the option of customizing it. Other tools include ‘Trafficbuilder’ and ‘Heatmapping Analytics.’

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