6 Simple Ways: How To Make Money With WordPress?

WordPress has been out there in the world since 2003 and since then it has nurtured around 60+ million websites and still counting. You must have helped the business owners in effectively using the features of it by creating their websites (Obviously, for a hefty fee!).

Here we list 6 simple ways you could add that extra income in your pocket while still being good at what you do:

1. WordPress Development

In this age of increasing digitization when around 70% of all small businesses are global, around 60+ million websites have been created using WordPress. Because getting a website developed from scratch save using WordPress adds a lot of costs to be charged to the businesses.

These WordPress websites would definitely require creative website developers for the purpose. Develop relevant skills to create one of the WordPress websites on a cutting edge.

Or effectively employ the expertise to modify the already existing themes or create one of your own which might be useful to the prospective users of WordPress. Develop or modify plugins which may supplement your website with user-friendly features and let the dice roll in your court. First and foremost, assemble your skill-set and start a discussion (on a famous platform) making you marketable.

2. WordPress Maintenance & Support

Once you have successfully created a WordPress website, think what impression it would have on your clients if the website created by you faces some trouble or with time its efficiency decreases? Yes, It would decrease your Goodwill! Once you have created a website, immediately back it up with periodic bug fixes, create tools to back up their data at whatever frequency they deem it necessary, monitor the website for its safety and security or update those customized themes and plugins with the changing requirements.

Now, these services are already being provided by various maintenance and support software; the key here would be either to create one of this compatible software or charge small businesses or bloggers less than they would have to pay when availing these services. The former will require a team to get started given the competitive software in the market. Moving on to the latter, start by focusing on the requirement of your services in their business and then by explaining the ‘why you and not your peer’!

3. Sell Themes & Plugins on WordPress Marketplaces

They say, ’If you are good at something, never do it for free.’ You have a plethora of knowledge of coding than your peers present in your personalized spaces or even in the global community. Think of something which hasn’t yet been created or something which has been but needs improvements. Take some time from your otherwise busy schedule (only if you want some extra income, which you give, you landed on this page) and develop highly competitive themes or plugins on the online market. First, select the market you want to target along with their needs. Then sit down and create themes or plugins by being in their (your target audience’s) mind frame. Sell it from your site or blog or get real competition at Theme forest (with 24,000+ plugins and 39000+ themes) or at Mojo-Themes (with 2000+ marketable items) or at Creative Market wherein 24000+ independent creators are successfully earning passive income.

4. Content services

Content Forms are the most effective part of any website along with periodic additions to its blogs. And if have the required art and science to assemble the words in the English language so as to compel the visitor to read it, WordPress is there for you too. A little extra than your normal writing would involve working on keywords in order to make your website search engine optimized. Moving a step forward than mere content writing, you can work on developing quality advertisements which will make an additional income. Provide all these facilities along with plugins and witness your bank account rising.

5. Sell Digital Products Through Your Website

Take advantage of the various free plugins (such as Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce) and get your digital products sold using WordPress. These plugins create some default pages such as Cart, Checkout and Product page and so on at no cost at all while you will have to incur transaction costs for using payment getaways. Choosing the right plugin for your website will define the duration of software licensing or send automated downloadable links to your customers.

6. E-commerce

WordPress provides various free plugins which work in full synchronization with your existing website design. Some of these plugins can be used by you for developing an e-commerce website because buying and selling of goods can never go out of vogue. Make a personalized and clear design of your website which is mobile friendly and optimized.

Go and get some of the skills developed and set down to earn good money.

About The Author:

Maggie Sawyer is a talented blogger and CMS developer from markuphq.com. She provides PSD to WordPress conversion services and has a team of experienced WordPress developers to assist her. You can even follow her on Twitter