How To Improve SEO For Magento Websites?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Popular search engines display several URLs for each query. All these URLs land into different webpages with relevant content. SEO is the process of optimizing this visibility of webpages in a search engine’s unpaid ads. SEO has a greater target audience all across the world, unlike local SEO. With an increase in visibility, viewers increase, and some of them may turn to potential customers. SEO tricks are essential for setting up e-commerce store websites. The following tips will help you to improve the SEO for magento websites.

11 Tips To Improve the SEO of Magento eCommerce Stores

1. Avoid duplication of content

Different search results may land into separate webpages, but if the content is similar, then it affects the SEO of overall website with a negative score from all the search engines. To avoid this, set Yes for Canonical link Meta Tags for Categories and Products.

2. Configuration for Greater Speed

Magento 2 by default supports greater speed than its previous versions. Still, more speed can be achieved by setting yes for a merge, enable and minify of JavaScript and CSS files. Enable caching through Cache Management and also Flat Categories and Products. Install Defer JavaScript extension, and this helps for faster loading of pages.

3. Auto-generation of Tags for Products/Services

Magento 2 supports auto-addition of meta tags for products and categories along with description, title, and keywords on the basis of the customized template. Add proper meta tags for customized URLs.

4. Creation of HTML and XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap contains the entire list of URLs for all webpages. Search engines crawl through this list to display relevant results. This mapping is to be done correctly. However, HTML sitemaps is another chance to index the webpages if any issue persists in the XML Sitemap. And Magento 2 is equipped with better mapping feature though it does not support auto-generation of HTML Sitemap.

5. The configuration of Correct and Search-Specific URLs

Follow a proper structure for setting up search-friendly URL in a hierarchy like HOME -> Product -> Category -> Sub-category and so on. Allow redirection of links if URL key changes and use canonical meta tags.

6. Optimization of Web Pages and Search Images

Images should have a precise description in ALT tag and relevant file name. Images ranking is also important for users to get a variety of results based on their search history.

7. Continuous Monitoring of SEO

SEO needs an incessant eye to analyze the search results, visibility, and rankings. Search engines keep updating their setting and algorithms. So to keep your setup updated with their changes, regular monitoring is important.

8. Integration in Magento 2 Store

Integrate a blog of yours in Magento 2 Store to effectively utilize the blog and popularise the content of your webpages. Also, add product reviews so that the store can display preferred results with thumbnails.

9. Allowance for User Interaction

Logging of sessions is very important as its statistics can generate useful data. Through customer interaction, a lot of customer data can be stored, analysis of which can help to find out market demands and requirements.


HTTP with secure socket layer(SSL) defined as HTTPS ensures security. While migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, activity should be tracked through some analytics tools like Webmasters to make sure it does not break the current functionality.

11. Fixation of Robots.txt File

This is a very important file as it guides the search engine to crawl through certain webpages and skip the rest. Even the XML Sitemap can be added to this file.

It is important to be an expert in SEO to understand analytics, handle rankings, earn quality traffic and manage the visibility for the target audience. Magento comes with all these features, Install its plugins and feel comfortable to grow your business

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