Top 8 Sources To Get Quality Joomla Templates For Absolutely Free!

Joomla Templates For Absolutely FreeJoomla is a powerful open source CMS that has made web development a breeze. You can easily handle your online presence and leverage your business by running your website on the Joomla platform. It is developed on MVC (Model View Controller) web application framework, and is extolled for its amazing features, including superior functionality and easy usability, across the globe.

There are truckloads of Joomla themes available out there. You can efficiently improve the look and feel of your Joomla powered site by choosing a suitable template that best cater to the needs of your business. Since, there are a whopping number of options available, it is easy to get confused. To help you streamline your choice, here is a list of best Joomla template provides that offer superlative templates for free, let’s explore them.

1. JoomlaShack

Joomla Shack is a dedicated Joomla development company that offers a variety of services and products, including both free and commercial Joomla templates, extensions and a lot more. The templates designed by this service provider are easy to install, upgrade and maintain. Its official website features an innovative and intuitive interface that makes it easy to scrutinize the available options, and choose a best suitable template.

2. GuidedHelp

GuidedHelp provides a slew of helpful and stunning Joomla templates. While offering premium templates, they also offer free templates that boast an appealing layout. Their professionals deliver out of the box template designs while keeping the ongoing web trends in mind. They also provide a Website Starter Kit that makes it easy for an individual to get started with a Joomla website.

3. Joomla Monster

Joomla Monster offer invaluable Joomla templates accompanied with a set of resourceful extensions. It includes a variety of templates, including free, premium, complicated and simple templates that are aesthetically designed to ensure a high-end layout and great functionalities. All the templates designed by them are fully responsive and embraces the latest web trends. The company also offers services that allow one to get a Joomla template with a personalized visual appearance.

4. ZooTemplate

ZooTemplate is a reliable Joomla template provider that offers remarkable themes with rich functionalities and exquisite designs at zero prices. This template provider company is quite popular among startups and small businesses for its worthwhile free templates. It implements Zo2 framework, and supports ultimate layout slider, bootstrap integration and great customization. It delivers responsive designs that work seamlessly on any device. You will surely get a suitable one its available list of free templates without leaving the quality behind.

5. Shape5

Shape5 has incessantly garnered a huge list of members that is expected to continue expanding in the future. With over one hundred thousand members, this Joomla club essentially includes a plethora of templates while a number of new templates are released regularly. All the templates are developed using JavaScript, and comprises features and the PSD sources. Moreover, it also provides Hire a Coder program that is available for free, where you can hire professionals and get a customized template for free.

6. SiteGround

SiteGround is a well-known Joomla development company that releases a set of new free Joomla templates every week. While offering hosting services at affordable prices, they also proficient services for free to install Joomla, migrate and comprehensive guides to help you get started. It offers conspicuous designs compatible with all the major versions of Joomla. As, its repository is updated every week with new designs, you can completely rely on its up to the minute web layout embracing latest web trends.

7. RocketTheme

RocketTheme is a great template provider company that is available in the market for a while now. This Joomla template club was initiated by one of the co-founder of Joomla (Andy Mill). They develop templates upon Gantry framework and incorporate blissful features to help create a ravishing Joomla site, and that too for free.

8. JoomlArt

JoomlArt is a fabulous Joomla template provider that makes a viable choice for most of the web developers and designers. They offer template boasting highly professional look and feel that can dramatically improve the visual appearance of a website and leverage your business.


These are a few of the best free Joomla template providers that offer incredibly useful templates, designed with the latest design approach to efficiently cater to the burgeoning needs of the website owners. All these companies deliver astonishing results with out of the box responsive designs. It is advisable to streamline your choice by taking your business needs into account. This way you will able to seek a valuable design for your Joomla powered website.

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