14 Magento 2 Themes For Ecommerce Merchants

Magento 2.x is rocking in the e-commerce market in 2017 and store owners as well as Magento 2 developers are in search of suitable and viable themes for a quick and reliable startup. You can pick up your choice from the given list and enjoy easy riding in online business.

If your e-commerce web needs are not intense and compelling you to go for extensive customization, you must think of ready-to-use themes as the best alternative to costly custom Magento e-commerce storefront development.

Most of Magento themes come with essentials required to meet the contemporary needs of an e-commerce such as mobile-friendliness, SEO-friendliness, and CMS integration.

Moreover, themes offer some rooms for customization at every level so we can bring uniqueness to the e-commerce website to make your store outstanding. Therefore, the majority of e-commerce store owners and developers are preferring to go for themes to start their Magento e-commerce store development, instead of starting from the scratch.

In due course, knowing useful themes are important for developers as well as Magento store owners for a quick and reliable startup in the e-commerce arena. Let’s check some trendy and useful free as well as premium Magento themes in this post.

Free Magento themes:

Creating a Magento theme is daunting and expensive. Therefore, very few free Magento themes with desired features and functionality are available in the market. The following list gives a comprehensive view of it.

1 – Yume Magento 2 Theme


  • It is Magento 2.x compatible and responsive theme
  • It is predecessor of blank Magento 2 theme using Magento 2 UI
  • It is combined with Bootstrap 3.x layout components
  • It is super fast thanks to Ajax cart
  • It’s off canvas menu & header link declutters the screen all times
  • Product image gallery is awesome opportunity to augment products on product pages
  • It’s checkout improvements are praiseworthy such as
    • automatic guest checkout
    • login pop up for registered shoppers
    • order summary along with product images to confirm it
    • shipping rates available once required info has filled up
    • the billing address is optional unless asked by the selected payment gateways

2 – Ketty Magento 2 Theme


It is a free theme and one of the first two Magento themes. Its features are attractive such as:

  • Responsive them with mobile-friendliness
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser support
  • Slider
  • Ajax cart
  • Configurable swatches
  • Product zoom
  • Improved checkout
  • User-friendly admin panel
  • Easy to customise

3 – Craft Magento 2 Theme


  • Free responsive theme for Magento 2.x
  • Featuring crisp design
  • Powerful features
  • Minicart
  • Grid and list view for product display
  • Latest design for admin panel

4 – F2 Magento 2 Theme


  • Free Magento 2 theme
  • It represents the latest web trends
  • It is a responsive design theme for fashion stores online
  • Dropdown cart
  • Supports various product types
  • Configurable swatches

5 – Need Magento 2 Theme


  • Free and responsive template
  • It is favorite among beauty, health spa, glass stores, bag stores, skin care, shoes, clothes, Hair & Nail shops, and alike niches
  • Fast checkout process
  • Off-canvas menu
  • Incredible fast load
  • Derived from blank theme
  • Uses Magento 2.0 UI
  • Slider for mobile experiences
  • Carousel for product list

6 –Fasony Magento 2 Theme


  • Free and responsive template
  • Built with Bootstrap 3.X
  • Fast loading
  • Mobile friendly slide show
  • List for New Products
  • Smarter display of testimonials
  • Brand OWL Carousel
  • Off-canvas menu

Premium Magento themes:

We know finding all expected features and functionality in free Magento themes may prove a nightmare for store owners as well as Magento developers. Moreover, when a team of Magento developers is spending valuable time and resources on the theme development, rewards in monetization is expected.

Therefore, premium themes always offer the latest features, functionality, and extensive supports to the buyers. We have tried to list some trendy and popular themes, which are customizable and affordable for all.

7 – Pencil Magento 2 Theme

Pencil Magento 2 Theme

  • Responsive theme
  • Modern, elegant, and professional theme with product-oriented designs
  • Fast loading and fast checkout process
  • Intuitive and easy admin panel
  • OWL image slider
  • Quick view for products without loading any new page
  • Off-canvas menu
  • Attractive product details
  • Product carousel

8 – Molly Magento 2 Theme

Molly Magento 2 Theme

  • It is an excellent choice for modern e-commerce
  • Although it is simple looking yet sophisticated
  • Fully responsive and retina ready Magento 2 theme
  • MGS frontend builder
  • Multiple headers and footer layout options
  • Multiple slider layout options
  • Multiple types of product list options
  • Multiple static blocks
  • Super mega menu suitable for any scale of e-commerce store
  • One-page and a few steps checkout
  • Supports multiple stores
  • Store locators

9 – Porto Magento 2 Theme

Porto Magento 2 Theme

  • It is a huge success as a Magento theme
  • Sophisticated admin panel with tonnes of options
  • Homepage layout options
  • Revolving slider
  • Blog layout options
  • Advanced theme options
  • Header and footer options
  • Video integration

10 – Sawyer Magento 2 Theme


  • Homepage layout options with uniqueness
  • Colour style options as colour watch
  • Easy to customise
  • Quick view feature
  • Ajax enabled cart
  • Ajax enabled layered navigation
  • Simple data
  • The latest technology with Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, LESS, CSS3, HTML5, and much more
  • Megamenu

11 – Maxshop Magento 2 Theme


  • Fully responsive template
  • Different menu styles for various devices
  • Stunning slideshow
  • Quick view
  • Minicart pro
  • Various useful extensions integrated
  • Global theme with multilingual and multicurrency supports
  • Search box pro
  • Rich snippets
  • Customizable static blocks

12 – Everything Magento 2 Theme


  • Responsive theme with the latest technologies
  • Cloud zoom
  • Theme variations
  • Google fonts
  • Content tab widgets
  • Ajax cart
  • Visual interface for mega menu editing
  • Unlimited colours and styles
  • Advanced slider widgets
  • Flexible block widgets
  • Product labels
  • Advanced filter widgets for products

13 – Fashion Magento 2 Theme


  • Responsive and innovative theme
  • Big combination of colours, textures, and logical arrangement
  • Fast loading
  • Fast checkout
  • Nice image slider
  • Rocket view product
  • Off-canvas menu
  • Touch optimised carousel
  • Quick layered navigation
  • Best option of fashion and related industries

14 – Shoppy Store Magento 2 Theme


  • Best for fashion industry including clothing, furniture, cosmetics, jewellery, and accessories
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Mega menu and CSS menu
  • Ajax cart
  • Ajax layered navigation
  • Powerful admin panel
  • Rich snippets supported


We have seen that free Magento themes have all basic features to offer while premium themes come with highly advanced and contemporary features with the good extent of uniqueness to make e-commerce stand out in the fiercely competitive market.

However, customization is more important to get most of any theme. Therefore, you need to have adequate support of Magento developer or a team of developers with a knack in theme customization.

If you are a power user and think that Magento is like WordPress, you may prove wrong and may be failed. Therefore, it is better you hire a seasoned Magento developer or a team of Magento designers and programmers to customise your Magento theme according to needs of your business and your choices.

About The Author:

Tarang Vyas is a Head of Development Team at Mag Ecommerce Studio, the Leading Magento Theme Development Company. He has been in the industry for last 15+ Years.