19 Best Magento e-Commerce Templates for Shopping Sites

Jewelrix Jewelry Store Magento 2 Theme

E-commerce websites need to look fascinating and professional so that they can attract a large number of customers. In order to make E-commerce website visually appealing, web designers have to toil a lot. In case, you don’t have a sound knowledge of coding, you can use magento e-commerce templates to create your E-commerce website easily.

When you operate a shopping site based on Magento, you need to choose a right template to improve the overall look and feel of your website and increase its productivity rapidly. So, if you are looking for an appropriate template for your Magento based shopping site, just go through the list of top 20  options detailed here below.

The Best Collection of Magento E-Commerce Templates

Classy Shop

Classy Shop Magento Responsive TemplateCost: $79

If you operate E-stores for apparel and clothes, then you can choose this responsive template. It is built using HTML5 and CSS3 languages, allowing your website to load quickly on all devices. The template is equipped with Google fonts and supports multiple languages.

The best feature of this template is that it comes with advanced mega menu integration features, which allows you to display your products beautifully and register a sharp growth in a short span of time.

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Wine Shop

Wine Shop Magento Responsive TemplateCost: $79

Wine Shop is a beautiful template for Magento website owners who sell wine, food items, and other alcoholic beverages. Just use this HTML & CSSvalidated template to customize the appearance of your E-store comfortably, increase its visibility all across the web and attract new customers easily.

The best thing about this template is that it is compatible with all Magento versions, allowing you to use it easily. It has vintage design elements using which you can make your E-shop more professional. It also supports several languages and currencies, which allows you to serve your clients/customers conveniently all over the world.

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Ves Harvest Shop

Ves Harvest Shop Responsive Magento ThemeCost: $84

Ves harvest shop is an ideal template for all those who are operating various types of business websites and looking for ways to boost their online presence. It has been created by keeping the modern design trends (of E-commerce) in mind. Furthermore, it has some features and clear layouts, which allows you to create amazing E-shops and attract shoppers easily.

You can use live theme editor to customize this template and use it the way you want. It has auto sample data installation feature, which allows you to make the exact replica of your demo site easily on Magento.

It is built on bootstrap version 3.0 and venus framework version 2.0, which makes it fully responsive. It allows your website to perform well on all mobile devices and screen sizes.

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Mega Shop

Mega Shop Magento Responsive TemplateCost: $79

Use Mega shop template on your Magento website and sell your products and service comfortably. It is a fully responsive and professionally designed template created with HTML5 and CSS3. It is equipped with a number of features, allowing you to customize the overall appearance of your Magento store and make it stand out from others.

The sticky mega menu feature of this template allows you to display products in flat style galleries, content blocks and logical categories, which helps buyers to find the desired products/services easily on your E-store.

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Ves Sportshop

Ves Sportshop Magento 2 Responsive TemplateCost: $84

Ves Sportshop is a multipurpose template for Magento 2. Using it, you can beautify your online sports store and catch visitors attention at the first glance. It can also be used for other types of E-stores such as electronic equipment, glasses, shoes, etc.

The template comes with several features such as touch optimized slider, robust admin panel, smart blog module, quick view product, etc. You can use these features to improve your store’s functionalities and boost its performance.

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Amazing Electro Magento Responsive Template

Amazing Electro Magento Responsive TemplateCost: $54

If you want to convert your electronics store into a profit making business, then you must use this template. This content rich template comes with amazing design and a number of features. It has two two design sections that come up with various components such as web textual styles, a top button, Google maps, custom page layouts and cloud image zooming.

The best thing about this template is that it is search engine friendly. So, it helps you to ensure better visibility of your E-store in search engines.

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Out Door Furniture Magento Responsive Template

Out Door Furniture Magento Responsive TemplateCost: $54

If you are willing to create an E-store to sell furniture, tables, chairs, beds, etc, then you can use this template. It comes with two sliders that help you to manage media content easily on your website. When you use this template, your store can appeal all ardent online buyers. On account of vertical navigation, customers can easily find the required stuff easily.

It has multiple features, such as Google Web Fonts integration, newsletter integration, contact form integration, a drop-down menu, video integration, social media support, etc. You can use all these features to make your online store successful.

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Recording Equipment Magento Theme

Recording Equipment Magento ThemeCost: $179

If you are looking for a Equipment store template for your electronics equipments, E-shop, then this template may be your favorite choice. By using this template, you can easily redesign all pages available on your website and make it more professional. It has Slideshow feature on the homepage, enabling you to display your best products on the landing page of your site with stunning images.

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Computer Hardware Magento Theme

Computer Hardware Magento ThemeCost: $179

If you are planning to open up a Magento store to sell computers, laptops, hardware, tablets and other related items, then Computer theme may help you do that. The structure of this template is designed in such a way that it allows to display the products nicely in multiple categories without damaging its appearance even a little bit.

It is fully compatible with all modern bowers and works very well on mobile devices. It is easy to customize this template, which allows you to make your website look appealing & turn visitors into repeat customers.

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Pet Shop Magento Template

Pet Shop Responsive Magento ThemeCost: $179

If you run an online Pet Shop, then you can use pet store Magento template to impress people looking for their favorite pets and can help them to get the best ones. Actually, this template comes with several features such as support for multi-languages, multi-store, cross-browser compatibility, flexible layouts, free updates for the newest version, etc.

You can use these features to customize your Magento pet store and give the best shopping experience to animal lovers.

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Stylish Bags Boutique Magento ThemeCost: $179

Fashionable People are very picky when it comes to choosing handbags/ travel bags. If you run a handbag boutique E-shop, then you can use this template to customize your site and help people find their favorite handbags, travel bags, all types of casual bags, men’s bag, and beauty gifts also.

Amazing features such as cross browser compatibility, Google web fonts, Google map, custom page templates, categories accordion allows to add more functionalities to your website and make it user-friendly. It helps people to search their favorite commodities easily on your site.

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Jewelrix – Jewelry Store Magento 2 Theme

Jewelrix Jewelry Store Magento 2 ThemeCost: $179

Jewelrix is a nice template use if you operate online jewelry stores and want to give your website a complete makeover to attract more and more buyers. With black and white colors and banners on the home page, it looks appealing and professional.

All subpages of this template are fully customized. It is an easy-to-use template and is completely compatible with all versions of the Magento.

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Fishing Store Magento Theme

Fishing Store Magento ThemeCost: $179

This template is for those people who sell fishing rods, tools, and related items through their Magento store. This template has a simple design and some useful tools so that you can make your site professional and stylish.

The clean layout of this template helps you to organize your content and display them properly. Its responsive design helps your website to offer smooth and pleasant browsing experience to visitors across all platforms.

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iShop – Electronic Magento 2 Theme

iShop Electronic Magento 2 ThemeCost: $179

You can use iShop theme if you run Electronics stores. This simple template allows you to organize content on your website and highlight your products so that customers can easily find them. You can use it to add welcome text and banner slider to your website. Apart from this, cross browser compatibility and smooth performance on all mobile devices, make it a highly usable template.

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Watches Store Magento Theme

Watches Store Magento ThemeCost: $179

If you run a watch store based on Magento, you can use this template It has a perfect combination of two colors- black and white. Furthermore, it comes with easy navigation design and minimalistic layout. All these features enable you to make your watch store more professional.

The template provides you two options to add banners to the homepage of your website- (A) by static blocks and (B) by banner slider extensions. Use any method and promote them on your website to boost your sales.

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Clothes Store

Clothes Store Magento ThemeCost: Free

If you operate online clothes, apparel, and fashion store, then you can use this template. It has a simple design and it comes with numerous features such as full-width sliders, parallax scrolling, animated pictures, etc.

Its responsive design helps your website to adjust automatically as per the screen size of visitors and display the optimal view of your website. Furthermore, product filtering feature allows buyers to find their favorite clothes easily and make instant transactions.

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Deliatte Food Delivery & Takeaway Magento 2 Theme

Deliatte Food Delivery & Takeaway Magento 2 ThemeCost: $179

If you operate a Magento website that deals in food and drinks, then you can use Deliatte food template. By using this responsible template, you can add introduce your food items to customers in an effective manner and let them choose their favorite food from a wide range of food products and beverages items.

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BikeStore – Cycling Store Magento Theme

Bike & Cycling Store Magento ThemeCost: $179

If you sell bicycles and other means of transportation through your Magento store, you can use this template. It supports various currencies and languages. So, you don’t face any problem while dealing with international buyers.

The dropdown cart feature allows buyers to preview the selected vehicle from all angles. Apart from this, the availability of page-wide sliders, CTA buttons, price comparison features help customers to make buying decisions easily and quickly.

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Furniture Store Magento Theme

Furniture Store Magento ThemeCost: $179

It offers an ideal solution for you if you run a Magento store to sell tables, furniture, Almira, sofa and other products that are used in homes. It has various features such as product slider, advanced search, a sitemap, banners, etc.

You can use this template to add product/product categories to the cart and help buyers to find the commodities easily they are looking. Its layout is white and doesn’t strain the eyes of visitors. You can highlight the important stuff on your site, using red elements and witness a sharp growth in E-commerce sales.

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Final Words:

Visually appealing and professional looking E-commerce websites attract buyers and motivate them to take actions. These are top 19 best Magento e-commerce templates for shopping websites. You can choose any one of these as per your needs and can make your Magento shopping store look graceful and attractive.

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